What do the government’s proposed EPC ratings mean for landlords and tenants?

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From 2025, under the current government proposals, all newly rented properties will be required to have an EPC rating of C or above. Currently, properties only require an EPC rating of ‘E’ or above. Existing tenancies will have until 2028 to comply with the new rule changes. While awareness is beginning to grow around these proposals, there is still much consideration that needs to be given to the actual impact that these changes will have on landlords and property owners. There is a real concern that a substantial amount of properties risk potentially being declared ‘unrentable’ and subsequently ‘unsellable’ or ‘unmortgageable’ due to landlords being uninformed about what the changes will mean for current and prospective tenancies.

5 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

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According to data from RightMove1, Spring is officially the best time to get your property on the market, representing a lull between the busy Christmas celebrations and Summer holidays. Getting your home onto the market before the summertime rush could help beat the competition and potentially even secure you a better price.

Here’s a few speedy tips on how you can get your place ready for a quick sale.

Garden improvements to add value to your home

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The Covid-19 lockdowns reminded us of why open space is so important to our sense of well-being and it is noteworthy that as lockdowns were eased, the main requirement for people looking to move home was the need for open space.1 This is why the value of well kept outdoor space has begun to be […]

Government support due to the energy crisis – do you qualify?

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In the wake of the spiralling cost of energy which has quadrupled in the past year1, regulator Ofgem has announced an increase to the energy price. This will see almost a £700 increase in energy bills for the average household from April 1st. The government has moved to help offset the price increases through the […]